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Male Elephants Fighting

Elephants Reacting to Danger

Over the last few years there have been a few unfortunate events involving elephants. There are a few reasons for this, I would like to name a few. We will then give you guys a guideline on how to approach elephants and what signs to look out for pre-charge. Elephant need a large area to roam around in. Take Kruger Park as an example. The reserve should only have around 7 000 elephants. At present, the number is around triple…

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The Wonderful World of Elephants (Video)

A short post dedicated to a breeding herd of elephants. We saw these guys on the way out of Kruger one afternoon and it was magical! The females within the herd were all so relaxed, the little ones were playing with us. It really was amazing, what a privilege it was to guide on this safari. When are you coming on a Kruger safari with us?

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