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Welcome To Africa!

We are a customer driven; eco-friendly tour company dedicated to showing our continent off to the rest of the world.

butterflyWe Love Nature

Our owner, Shaun Taylor, who is a very well known guide in Africa loves the bush. All the tours on this site are injected with his love for Africa and his love for the animals

lampWe Love Innovations

We keep up with the latest trends and travel innovations and you can rest assured knowing that your safari is a pleasure for us to deliver. We love a good adventure!

leafWe Love The Environment

We support environmentally friendly tourism and make sure that, wherever we travel to with you, it is safe for both you and the environment. We love Africa!

yinyangWe Love Balance

We make sure to strike a perfect balance between quality and value for money. Everyone’s idea of a safari is different and thus we tailor-make every tour that we sell

recycleWe Love Recycling

In a bid to help rid the world of excess plastic, we support sustainable safaris! Wherever possible, we use glass and refill containers to make sure we do our bit

earthWe Love The Planet

It’s the 21st century and we have to be more conscious of our footprint. Our donate button is a link to various NGO’s that are making a difference worldwide

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